The goal of our orthodontic team is to efficiently deliver the most beautiful, healthy smiles possible in a fun, caring, family-orientated atmosphere. We do everything possible to maintain this ideal.

1. Pre-treatment Diagnostic Records

You have already been seen by Dr. Vogt and/or Dr. Ellerhorst, and they feel it is time for you to have records taken. These records will help the doctors develop a plan of treatment specifically designed to deliver the best possible outcome. The records include study models, photographs, and X-rays. The study models will be taken in the office, and you can schedule an appointment with our treatment coordinators if you have not already done so. Study models are used to analyze how the teeth fit together and determine the best method of moving the teeth, keeping esthetics and stability in mind. The photographs and X-rays will be taken at C-Dental, a laboratory specializing in dental radiology and photography. The enclosed form will provide directions and the phone number to C-Dental, as well as the type and number of X-rays and photographs needed. The photographs enable the doctors to pass information on to your general dentist, as well as aid in treatment planning. The radiographs will be used to determine the health of the periodontal support and roots of the teeth and the direction of any remaining growth. A copy of the X-rays will be mailed to your general dentist with a description of the treatment plan.

2. Consultation / Informed Consent / Financial Arrangements

After Drs. Vogt and Ellerhorst have made appropriate measurements and thoroughly examined your records, they will meet back with you to describe the exact treatment plan.

This includes:

  • when treatment should begin
  • what treatment entails
  • the approximate length of treatment
  • the ideal retention protocol

In this 30 minute meeting, Dr. Vogt and/or Dr. Ellerhorst will also outline any potential risks or limitations in the customized treatment plan. The financial contract will also be reviewed, including treatment fees, payment schedules, and insurance benefits.

3. Treatment Begins

You are now ready to begin treatment. The function and appearance of your teeth will be dramatically improved. This will be accomplished in a fun, caring environment. Please don't hesitate if you have any questions or concerns. Let the excitement begin!